Well, hello!

This is Yellow Backie, Amsterdam style hitchhiking. An initiative to spark some love between Amsterdam locals and its visitors with a famous Dutch custom: riding on the luggage rack of a friend’s bike.

Yellow Backie is a unique possibility for visitors to experience Amsterdam through the eyes of an Amsterdammer, and for Amsterdammers to meet new people from around the globe. It’s a bit like couchsurfing, on a bike, without the smelly socks in your living room.


Getting a Backie-ride is so easy; you don’t even need an app for it. When you visit Amsterdam, just look for people riding bikes with a bright yellow luggage rack. Spot one? Shout "Backie!" as loud as possible, hop on, and see where your new guide takes you.


Unlike most things in life, becoming a Backie-driver is totally free! So, do you live in Amsterdam and own a bike? Send us a message with a short motivation, and we’ll give you a yellow luggage rack for free.

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Write a short motivation below telling us why you want to be a Backie-driver and we’ll make sure you hit the road and meet new people in no time!